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We can advise you on your business debt

Every business has ups and downs. Those downs can include mounting business debt which is preventing the business from moving forward and causing problems with cashflow. Our clients who come to us for business debt advice are usually struggling to pay one or more of the following: their staff; their rent or utility bills; their trade creditors; their PAYE VAT or tax bill. Alternatively they are under increasing pressure from suppliers or the bank.

When a business is struggling financially the Directors need someone to speak to who can look at their business objectively and advise them on their options.  We will do just that.  We understand how hard it can be to ask for help and to admit that the business is in difficulty.  We also understand how much pressure you will have been under to try to resolve these issues yourself.

We appreciate that you know the most about your business, so we will take time to listen to you and fully understand the issues that you are facing.  We will look at your accounts, sales and purchase ledgers to understand the financial state of the business.  We will then be able to make an assessment of whether the business can be saved.  If it can be saved we will advise and guide you on what needs to happen to turnaround your business.

If the business can't be saved, we will advise you on the options available to you. We will then guide you through the business debt management process.  We understand that you will have invested much of your time, money and heart into your business, so to accept that your business is insolvent will not be easy.  However, our experienced team of business debt specialists will guide you through every step.

For a free confidential assessment of your business call us now on 0845 4633328 or request a call back at a time to suit you.


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